Αυτός ο αρκουδάκος είναι ένας πραγματικός χαζοβιόλης. Θα σε αγαπάει δίχως όρια, θα σε ακολουθεί παντού και θα ζητάει χάδια! 

Αυτός ο αρκουδάκος είναι ένας πραγματικός χαζοβιόλης. Θα σε αγαπάει δίχως όρια, θα σε ακολουθεί παντού και θα ζητάει χάδια! 


Winnie is 3 years old, a Rottweiler mix. He is very easy going, you often forget that he’s in the room. He has Leishmania and kidney problems, for which he will need to always eat special food and maybe get some supplements. He is currently being treated and the vet is optimistic. He can live a full and happy life, as long as he properly taken care of. He is neutered. He is in Athens, Greece.

Σκέφτεσαι να υιοθετήσεις;

η ιστορία μου

I once had a home and a family that I loved. I thought they loved me back but then… I got sick and they just abandoned me on the street. Tired and hungry, I stumbled upon some other dogs and what I saw really surprised me. They had food and water! I decided to stay there, and I became friends with these dogs and some humans too! Two of my friends, Maya and Shady were lucky enough to be adopted and they now live happily with their loving families. But things were not too bad for me either. Yes, I was living on the street, but I had food and water, I had people who came every day to see me, feed me, play with me and give me the treatment for my Leishmaniasis and I had Ray, my best friend. I soon started feeling better. 

Unfortunately my happiness didn’t last long. One morning, after I had eaten and played with my humans I saw something horrible happen. My best friend got ran over by a truck. The girls immediately ran to him and I thought they were going to make everything good again. But they were unable to do anything. They took my friend and I never saw him again. I was left there on the streets alone, while I whined and searched for Ray. 

My humans promised me that they would take me away from there before something like that happened to me. And they kept their promise. I am now being fostered by a great couple, I love them very much and I am safe. I am still struggling with Leishmaniasis and I’m currently on the second round of treatment. But I am feeling a lot better. I started playing again, I like toys now! I never cared about toys when I was on the street. But now I will chase that rope ball like there’s no tomorrow! I spend most hours by myself and I get really excited whenever someone comes and gives me attention. 

I am really loyal and I love unconditionally all of the people who take care of me. The only thing that I want is to have someone who will love me. Do you think you can be that someone for me?