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Who we are

We are a group of volunteers that not only share a vision but are also committed to working hard to make it happen. We established a non-profit organization based in Greece that aims in the well-being of animals. Even though our organization is new, our volunteering work isn’t. We all have helped countless animals over many years. We believe that this venture will enable us to be more effective and help us save more animals.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision: No companion animal left without a loving home and a caring family.



We constantly work towards that goal by rescuing animals in need and by spaying and neutering strays. The animals under our care were stray, abandoned, and abused  and others used to live under inhumane conditions.

We work closely with veterinary professionals in order to provide necessary treatment to all of the animals under our wing.

We also foster cats and dogs in our homes until they are adopted, following an adoption process to make sure that the animal and the new owners are a great match and that they will have a happy life together.

Every adoption gives us the chance to foster and take care of another animal in need.

We need your help!

All of this is possible because of people like YOU! Help us continue helping animals in need.