What we do


This is usually the first step when we meet a new animal. It includes taking orphaned newborns from the streets, rescuing kittens from sewers, taking dogs from abusive owners with the help of the local law enforcement, or just taking in a stray animal who lived on the street and is in need of a helping hand.

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vet care

Many of the animals we find on the streets have serious and life threatening health issues. Our amazing vets fight with us every day in order to get them back on their feet as soon as possible and on their way to recovery. From difficult surgeries to day-to-day health checks, vaccines, anti-parasite treatments etc our vets provide their services at all times. 


We foster the animals under our care in our homes! We do do not yet have a shelter, so our capacity isn’t really that big. Every foster animal lives like a king or queen with us until they are adopted! 

up for adoption

Our goal is to find the best homes for the animals under our care, matching adopters’ personality with the right animal in order to achieve the best possible outcome. 


In a country with over 3.000.000 stray cats and dogs that suffer greatly on the streets, spaying and neutering them is the single most important first step in order to achieve a healthy reduced number and dramatically improve their quality of life.